My Nutri app tracks the purchase in the supermarket fully automated and shows the complete range of nutrients of each item to correct nutrient deficiency.

The app reveals whether all nutrients are covered by the purchase or not, and if not, it recommends appropriate products to correct the deficiency, in order to maintain a balanced, fully nourishing diet.

Nutrition Tracking App

What will be tracked?

We Build a More Sustainable Food System for the Future


Reducing Food Waste and Promoting Sustainable Nutrition with Nutri App

Reduction of Food Waste

The app can help reduce food waste by helping users better understand and plan their nutrient intake. For example, if users realize they are consuming too much of a certain nutrient, they can adjust their eating habits and reduce food waste.

Promotion of Sustainable Nutrition

The app can promote more sustainable nutrition by helping users optimize their nutrient intake from different sources. By promoting a varied diet that aims for balanced nutrient intake, the app can help reduce the demand for industrially processed foods and meat products, which often have a worse environmental impact.


Transparency and Education

Finally, Nutri App can help create more transparency and education about the origin and composition of foods. By providing information on the nutrient composition of foods and helping users better understand food labels, we can help consumers make informed decisions and choose more eco-friendly options.

Support of Eco-Friendly Nutrition Trends

The app can also help users follow eco-friendly nutrition trends, such as plant-based diets. By providing information on plant-based alternatives to meat products and other sustainable nutrition options, the app can help reduce the consumption of resource-intensive foods.

Reduction of Environmental Impact from Harmful Pollutants

One function of Nutri App is to identify pollutants in food and educate users about them. This can help promote a culture of transparency and accountability in the food industry, which in turn can help reduce environmental impact from the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides and decrease the consumption of resource-intensive foods.


Establishment of a Community

Nutri App can also help create a community of users who are committed to sustainable nutrition. By encouraging users to exchange ideas and set goals together, we can build a movement for more sustainable nutrition.

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