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Empowering Manufacturers with Comprehensive Nutrition Insights

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  • Qualify your Products for the Certification Seal
  • 4 Tests per Year, Every Three Months for Macros, Micros and Food Pollutants
  • Independent Laboratory
  • Qualify your Products for Advertising (only verified products that meet the requirements can be advertised on the platform)
  • Promote your Products and Highlight their Quality

Comprehensive Nutrition Data for Manufacturers

Our Nutrition Tracking App offers manufacturers the opportunity to have their products tested by an independent laboratory, obtaining comprehensive data on ingredients, with a particular focus on micronutrients. This valuable data is then made available in the app, and manufacturers are granted a label indicating their products have undergone testing by an independent laboratory, which can be used for promotional purposes. By leveraging this data, we ensure consumers have access to high-quality information through our platform and app.

Empowering Manufacturers with Quality Assurance

At Nutri App, we empower manufacturers to enhance their products’ quality and credibility. Our Nutrition Tracking App facilitates product testing through collaboration with independent laboratories, providing in-depth insights into ingredients, including essential micronutrients. Manufacturers receive a prestigious label, signifying their products’ rigorous evaluation, and enabling them to boost consumer confidence and market their offerings with utmost transparency.

Consumer-Oriented Nutrition Transparency

Transparency is key in today’s health-conscious world. Our Nutrition Tracking App thrives on providing consumers with unparalleled access to reliable information. Through our collaboration with independent laboratories, we furnish the app with comprehensive ingredient data, particularly focusing on vital micronutrients. Consumers can trust the product labels, making informed choices for their well-being, and nurturing a healthier lifestyle with ease.

Elevating Trust through Data-Backed Insights

Nutri App’s commitment to data-driven insights is a cornerstone of our platform. We enable manufacturers to harness the power of independent laboratory testing, ensuring comprehensive data on ingredients, including essential micronutrients. The resultant product labels inspire trust, empowering consumers to make informed choices while aligning with our vision for a healthier and sustainable future.