Nutri Data License

Comprehensive Nutrition Data

Empowering Manufacturers with Comprehensive Nutrition Insights

For manufacturers seeking to leverage the power of Nutri App’s data-driven insights, we offer customizable licensing packages. Through our licensing program, manufacturers can tap into our platform’s extensive database and obtain comprehensive nutrient data for their products. Our tailored pricing structure ensures that manufacturers can choose the package that best suits their needs and effectively promotes their products with transparency and credibility.

A La Carte
From €80

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Food Pollutants


No Certification Seal

No Listing in Nutri App

Licence Certificate


  • Qualify your Products for the Certification Seal
  • 4 Tests per Year, Every Three Months for Macros, Micros and Food Pollutants
  • Independent Laboratory
  • Qualify your Products for Advertising (only verified products that meet the requirements can be advertised on the platform)
  • Promote your Products and Highlight their Quality